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Important information about ordering! Thank you for visiting our store. Please read the terms and conditions of purchasing the product carefully. All items are antique and vintage, pre-owned and may show normal wear and signs of age. We make sure to include in the ad a description of product defects, if any. Please look carefully ..

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Please read closely, not all are sterling. 2 of these are 835 Silver, being 83.5% Silver and the other three are sterling silver that is 92.5% purity. Gorgeous set of 5. These have varying maker’s marks and hallmarks but the overall design of the 4 small ones is pretty similar. The larger master one has ..

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Vintage Germany P5559 Silver Overlay 18 Salt Cellar 2 Tiered Plate Master Salt?? I have a question on the master salt because I’m not sure. All the same pattern. Some of the small salts have the initial TM, but I do not know what that is. There is something on the bottom of the plate. ..

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