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Enhance your collection with this exquisite set of six Webster vintage sterling silver salt cellars with spoons. Made of 925 silver, the set features intricate detailing and a charming design that will surely impress your guests. Perfect for any antique collector, these salt cellars are a great addition to any dining table. They come with ..

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This vintage sterling silver salt dish is a true antique with unique features. The 3-legged lion design is eye-catching and adds character to any collection. The dish comes complete with a glass insert for salt, making it both beautiful and functional. The silver composition and intricate pattern (featuring a lion) make this piece a must-have ..

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This vintage David-Andersen salt cellar set comes complete in the ORIGINAL BOX with original blue glass insert, rarely found intact or included in online sales. Crafted from sterling silver. The set dates back to the early 1900s and is in excellent condition, and is both fully complete and ready to be displayed or used immediately. ..

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